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Terms & Conditions

Air Kings Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

At Air Kings we take your Privacy very seriously. We use WorldPay to process your online booking payments. WorldPay are leaders in their field of online payment processing.

Furthermore we absolutely do not sell or pass on any of your personal details for profit or marketing purposes.

News and special offers will be updated through the Website and Social Media sites, we will not contact you directly.


  • The terms listed apply to a booking session at Air Kings Trampoline Park.
  • The Terms and Conditions contain important information relating to participation by you and members of your group. you acknowledge and agree to all parts of the terms listed and agree to accept the Booking Terms and Conditions.
  • No variation to the Terms and Conditions shall be valid or binding unless expressly agreed by Air Kings Trampoline Park.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions at any time.
  • Any person using the bounce areas must be over 4 years old and have the appropriate waiver signed. (under 18 MUST be signed by parent/legal guardian)
  • Any costs arising from damage of any kind, wilful or accidental caused by you or a member of your group will be liable to reimburse full costs to Air Kings Trampoline Park to rectify the damage or any losses arising from that damage.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park does not accept any claims or responsibility for the loss of property, damage to property or Theft whilst using the facilities. Valuables and/or money should not be left unattended.

Booking Confirmations:

  • All bookings will only be considered valid and final when an email has been sent to the email address provided by the person booking/paying for the activity.
  • You must advise Air Kings Trampoline Park as soon as possible of any mistake in Air Kings Trampoline Parks booking confirmation.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park shall use all reasonable efforts to ensure that you and your partys participation commences at the time booked and it shall be the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they arrive in sufficient time. Late arrivals may not be permitted to undertake the Activities and no refunds or compensation will be payable in such circumstances.


  • The use of the bounce area facilities at Air Kings Trampoline Park is not without risk and misuse of the equipment can cause serious injury. Air Kings will provide an online safety briefing for all participants to view prior to attending the Park.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park will also issue verbal rules just prior to guests entering the bounce sessions.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park display relevant park rules near to each activity to allow guests to check and read them prior to undertaking that activity.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park reserves the right to refuse admission or remove any guest who fails to comply with the safety guidelines set out in the Terms and Conditions and/or the Safety briefing. Air Kings also reserves the right to remove any guest or refuse admission to any guest believed to be under the influence of Drugs or Intoxicating Liquor.
  • Following the safety briefing and admission to the activities guests will NOT be directly supervised by Air Kings staff. A responsible adult MUST be present at all times for any child under 14yrs of age. A waiver must be signed by the parent/legal guardian of the child in their care.
  • All guests using the bounce areas must be reasonably fit and healthy and are subjected to any weight or age restrictions stated by the Manufacturers of the Equipment or by Air Kings Trampoline Park.
  • The activities at Air Kings Trampoline Park are physically demanding and require a certain level of fitness, due to the demanding nature Air Kings strongly recommends pregnant women do not participate in the activities.
  • Guests using the activities should be appropriately dressed, therefore Air KIngs Trampoline Park reserves the right to refuse admission to any person not dressed appropriately.
  • Air Kings Trampoline park will not refund or compensate any persons removed from the park, refused admission, or who decide not to participate in the activities.
  • During peak hours for safety reasons, any toddler with booking age 4 or 5, must be supervised by an adult age 16+, booked on a Standard booking. You must have 1 Standard booking Age 16+ for every 3 toddlers booking. Peak hours are Saturday, Sunday and school holidays.


  • All persons participating in the activities shall be responsible for dressing appropriately, Air Kings Trampoline Park suggests wearing either loose fitting clothing or clothing appropriate for physical activity. No guest will be allowed on the park with sharp objects or any clothing that may damage the park or any other bouncers.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park will not be responsible for any loss or damage to clothing or any other property arising from the use of the facilities.


  • Party bookings may be cancelled at least 7 days before the booked start date, a refund will be issued to the booking debit/credit card.
  • Individual bookings may not be cancelled and no refund will be issued.
  • Air Kings Trampoline Park reserves the right to cancel any booking for any reason without consultation with the person or party making the booking. It will make all reasonable attempts to contact you as soon as is possible. Refunds are applicable in these circumstances only and no other compensation will be payable.

Birthday Bookings:

Party bookings are to be paid in full at the time of booking. Air Kings Ltd will refund any cancelled parties, or consider date amendments, provided that seven (7) days notice is given prior to the party date within the Booking Confirmation, should a party be cancelled within seven (7) days of a confirmed party booking then no refund shall be given. Air Kings Ltd may, subject to availability and at their sole discretion, offer an alternate booking date.

A party area shall be reserved for a fourty five (45) minute time slot after the chosen hour of trampoline time. The room must be vacated promptly after this time to set up for the next party. We ask the parent or guardian of the party child stay on site at all times and are responsible for the behaviour of all children. Any behaviour deemed by Air kings Ltd to be unacceptable will be explained to the parent/guardian and may necessitate the party to end prematurely. Should any member of the party group have any dietary requirements, Air Kings Ltd shall endeavour to cater to these needs and request the Customer to advise of such requests no later than 72 hours prior to the party date. Additional guests can be added to a booking provided notice is given seven (7) days prior to the date of the party. Additional guests are subject to availability at the time of the request and may mean Air Kings Ltd cannot action your request.

Birthday cake and candles will not be supplied as part of the package, however Air Kings Ltd will supply sufficient cutlery to cut and eat any cake supplied by the Customer. Any decorations the Customer wishes to supply for the party is subject to the approval of Air Kings Ltd at the time. Air Kings Ltd shall not under any circumstance allow decorations to be stuck to the walls.

The Customer's party is required to arrive at the Trampoline Park twenty (20) minutes before the scheduled start time of the party. Upon arrival the Customer must check in with a party host who will then explain the process of the booking. Right of admission can be refused at any time if the Duty manager sees fit.

Should the Customer arrive late, they shall not automatically be granted the full hour on the trampolines or any other park activities and shall be subject to availability and at the Duty manager's discretion.

If the party is for Toddlers (age 4 or 5), for safety reasons. You must have 1 Standard booking Age 16+ for every 3 toddlers booking. These can be booked in a seperate booking to the party booking.

Prices and Payment

  • All activities at Air Kings Trampoline Park require immediate payment in full at the time of booking.
  • All prices are subject to change without prior consultation or notice given.
  • Payments are accepted only in GBP.

Loyalty Bonus Rules

  • Each booking is classed as ONE start to finish booking through to payment, regardless of how many people are contained in the booking. This booking is then added to the loyalty booking, dependent upon category.
  • The Loyalty Bookings are organised by Category, so when you have booked 10 separate Open Bounce sessions you will get an Open Bounce Loyalty Bonus. The same rules apply for AirFIT.
  • Cash bookings and Toddler Sessions are not included.
  • Each account (email address) accumulates their own Loyalty Bookings. (They are not transferable and no cash alternative is available).
  • Gift Voucher/Loyalty Bookings are not accumulated in the booking totals if the total paid is covered via a Gift Voucher or any other voucher/discount scheme.
  • Party Bookings equate to ONE open bounce booking only.
  • Loyalty Bookings are only valid for bookings taken online and have completed the booking process successfully, including online payment.
  • Loyalty Booking Totals can be seen in "My Account" section of the website.
  • Loyalty Booking are added as credit to the booking account automatically and are valid for 30 days only and can be used with any type of online booking.
  • If a Loyalty Bonus has not been used within 30 days it will automatically delete from your account and cannot be retrieved or redeemed.

    Air Kings Ltd reserve the right to change any of the above Terms without prior notification.


  • Where applicable, all refunds due will be issued to the corresponding debit/credit card used at the time of booking. If the card has expired a bank transfer will be issued.


  • Air Kings Trampoline Park shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any person or property arising from the use of its facilities in any way.
  • Parking at Air Kings Trampoline Park is used and left entirely at the owners risk.

Company Details

Registered Office(s) are:-
Doncaster Park:
Air Kings Ltd
Sidings Ct,
South Yorkshire
DN4 5NU.
United Kingdom.

Company Registration Number: 9445320

Scunthorpe Park:
AK Leisure Group Ltd
Air Kings Trampoline Park,
Doncaster Road,
South Yorkshire
DN3 1HT.
United Kingdom.

Company Registration Number: 10383639


You can use the following methods to contact us:-

  • Contact form on our website
  • Doncaster Park:
  • Telephone: 01302 890513
  • email: info@airkings.co.uk

  • Scunthorpe Park:
  • Telephone: 01724 851719
  • email: scunthorpe@airkings.co.uk